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Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

February 26, 2013

Electric fireplaces are very convenient and sophisticated household appliances; they are also very straightforward and simple to understand. The part about electric fireplaces that make them a good alternative to natural fireplaces is the fact that they give off heat and are quite capable of keeping a room warm and cozy.

Heating Element of Electric Fireplaces

Since the appliance is an electrical one, it will be switched on when it is plugged into an electric socket. Once that is done, the metal coils placed inside the fireplace will automatically and immediately heat up but that’s not all. The heat is then blown out into the room and scattered all around with the help of a fan, which is also known as the blower motor. Placed in the fireplace as well, out of sight, this fan works silently but is quite effective.

Many people also wonder how the artificial flickering flames of the fireplace are produced to give it an almost natural look. The truth is that the flickering flames are produced by a regular light bulb and the light is then refracted. The flickering and realistic look of the flames is produced because the light is refracted into a three dimensional pattern that produces a random and irregular flame image.

Advantages of Electric Fireplace

One of the primary advantages of electric fireplaces is the fact that they are very safe to operate because they are cool to the touch. This is especially a consideration for couples with children who might want to go near the fireplace and touch it. The heat is produced by the coils only, which are not exposed. Nevertheless, objects that are likely to heat up or catch fire, such as curtains and cushions should not be placed too near the electric fireplace.

Secondly, while they definitely give off a sufficient amount of heat, none of it is wasted since the fan is capable of blowing 100 percent of the heat produced outward and all around the room. Many electric fireplaces are also manufactured to be energy efficient and to provide utility bill savings. Many such appliances are also entirely automatic, since they can be turned on and off using a simple remote control.

Many people install electric fireplaces only for aesthetic purposes since they look sophisticated and luxurious but they are great as supplemental heat sources in the house.

If you have more questions, visit the FAQ / tips page at the main Comfort Professional’s website.

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